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This is the description of the Sample Course 1

Cleanliness is both the abstract state of being clean and free from dirt, and the habit of achieving and maintaining that state. Cleanliness is often achieved through cleaning. Being organized is also important.

It expresses the human desire, cheerfully consenting or readiness to know new things and to improve yourself.

Doing mathematical tasks that are useful in daily life, like mental arithmetic, calculating percentages, etc.

Being able to understand written instructions or newspaper articles. A necessary skill, helping you to understand meaning of the text, the ideas the author is attempting to convey, … For example instructions or newspaper articles, stories and rules.

Planning includes the ability to determine the right way to carry out task or reach a goal, estimate the time and effort required and resources needed and decide the right order of subtasks and develop a schedule of the work or process.

Active Listening’ means that you devote your full attention to the person you are talking to and listen to him/her in a concentrated manner, for example by agreeing, asking questions or nodding.

The action of teaching a person a particular skill or type of behaviour.

Showing results of an assignment or a research to a group of people. Often supported by posters, handouts or “Impress” presentations.

It is the skill that gives us the ability to communicate effectively and it makes us look respectable.

When you want someone to do something you give them instructions to achieve/produce something. With instructions you can say what someone has to do and how he or she can do it to reach their goal.

Writing: Handwriting, typing, printing, photography or any other form of code or notation recorded in any medium.

Editing: Selecting and revising written, audio or video material for final production.

To demonstrate professionalism means to use proper language, dress appropriately and always show respect and consideration.

Show/Prove that you have dealt with a topic, have gained detailed knowledge about it and are able to tell others about it in a convincing way. Deal with a given task in an objective way.

To keep equipment in good condition to ensure a perfect performance.

With this skill, when you find a problem in the job equipment, we are able to inspect it and repair it by ourselves.

Ability to achieve the capacity to deal and solve equipment problems.

Ability of using machines like fax, copiers, etc. in the right way.

That consists of all the uses of the Internet (searching for information, communication, teamwork, etc.) in an efficient and safe way.

A skill that allows to install software on a personal or work-related computer.

Most equipment devices usually have an installation manual or guide that you can even find on the provider's website. This skill talks about how we use this guides and take advantage of all the knowledge we have at our disposal.

It is the interaction with the devices and materials in your work. It's not about knowing all the tools available on the market, but only those related to your professional environment, as you will need to know what its function is and how it is used in the most efficient and effective way; thus extending the life of the technical equipment.

It's a skill involving comprehension and intuition of computer programs and the interpretation of most frequently used icons and menus that helps you to work more fluently with the computer software related to job.

Can you work together without creating conflicts? Do you utilize every strength in your team?

When you see people struggling, it’s your task to reach out and assist them in their needs/ to achieve their goal.

How do you treat people? Are you polite to your colleagues, boss, friends? Can you communicate with people without being impolite?

Planning includes the ability to determine the right way to carry out task or reach a goal, estimate the time and effort required and resources needed and decide the right order of subtasks and develop a schedule of the work or process.

Deadline is the time by which something must be finished or submitted, the latest time for finishing something. Deadlines are essential for the smooth running of any organization. They keep work flowing and ensure that everyone is working to an agreed end date.

Being flexible and adaptable means being able or willing to change to suit and respond to changing conditions, requirements or needs.

It is a method for achieving success and accomplishment in life, which means to choose a goal, plan how to do it and then do it well. Goal setting is a process that starts with careful consideration of what you want to achieve and ends with a lot of hard work to actually do it.

Multitasking is an ability to do a number of tasks or activities at the same time.

If you are punctual, you do something or arrive somewhere at the right time and are not late. “Punctual” is often used synonymously with “on time.” Punctuality is the state of being prompt.